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我为什么要去选择9f78.com在线学英语的这样的新模式给我家孩子去学习呢? 在银行开户的英语情景对话1

A: I want to open a current deposit account in your bank.

A: 我想在贵行开一个活期存款账户。

B: Please fill in a deposit ticket and show me your passport.

B: 请填写存款单,把您的护照给我看一下。

A: Okay.Is there any limit for minimum balance?

A: 好的,请问有起存金额吗?

B:Yes,at least 10 Yuan in your account at the same time you open it.

B: 有。您在开户时至少存10元。

A: All right.Here is 100 Yuan.

A: 好,给您100元。

B:Youd better input a password for safetys sake of your funds.

B: 为了您的资金安全,您最好留一个密码。


A: 好的。


A: My wife and I want to open an account.

A: 我和我妻子想开一个账户。

B: Do you mean a joint account?

B: 您是想开一个联名账户吗?

A: Yes.We have a small business,so we need to manage the business fund together.Is it a current account or time account?

A: 对。我们是做小生意的,所以我们需要共同管理经营资金。它是活期账户还是定期账户?

B:It is both a personal fixed deposit account and current deposit settlement account.

B: 它既是个人定期存款账户,又是活期存款结算账户。

A: Can I with所以,学习英语,gxjgtl.com选择线上外教一对一英语培训机构是最佳的选择。draw cash when I go out on business?


B: Yes,you can,but you must be authorized by your wife.

B: 可以,但须经您的妻子授权。

A: Is the amount limited?

A: 金额有限制吗?

B: Yes,it must be within the accumula ted withdrawal limitation authorized by our bank.

B: 有的,须在我行约定的授权支取累计限额内。

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